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Press Release

Eng. Nicolas Gumbo-CE Chairman, KNH-Board of Management


Following a news article that appeared on the Sunday Nation page 11 on 23rd February 2020 and online on  alleging that Kenyatta National hospital has ejected ten cancer patients due to lack of blood.
The hospital would like to clarify as follows;
1. In the recent past the country has been experiencing an acute shortage of blood and blood products. The Ministry of Health issued a statement explaining the measures it is taking in availing the commodity in hospitals to avert the shortage.
2. The Kenyatta National Hospital- Blood Transfusion Unit in conjunction with the Kenya National Blood Transfusion Services (KNBTS) have been working together in an effort to bridge the gap by conducting blood drives and mobilizing replacement donors.
3. Currently, the hospital is able to mobilize 40 units per day against the demand of at least 200 units per day. This constitutes less than 20% of the requirement for normal operations.
4. On the said date, ten patients referred to in the article were discharged from ward ID and not 1B after doctors confirmed they were stable to go home. Out of the ten, six of them had a diagnosis of cancer and only two would require blood top up before the next outpatient treatment. To avoid long and unnecessary stay in the wards, the hospital refers stable patients to a facility near one of the KNBTS satelites for blood top up on an outpatient basis. This is an arrangement that has worked well before for the hospital and the concerned patients.
5. In the spirit of UHC and strengthening the national referral policy, the hospital has been conducting capacity building outreaches through which patients who require specialized services are identified and referred for care hence increasing the demand for blood and blood products.
6. The government in recognition of the increasing demand for specialized services has mandated KNH to operationalize the Othaya National Referral Hospital and this will also increase the demand for blood and blood components. The measures referred to in paragraph two will be useful in although insufficient in addressing this increased demand. The KNH-Othaya Hospital is now running and is due for launch in a few weeks.
7. Amidst all these dynamics, Kenyatta National Hospital is committed to optimize patient experience in delivery of quality specialized healthcare through collaboration and support from all the relevant stakeholders.

Eng. Nicolas Gumbo-CE
KNH-Board of Management