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Nursing Department


To support the Chief Executive in achieving world class patient centered specialized healthcare by enhancing high standards of practice in specialized patient centered nursing services.


The division of nursing ensures high standards of nursing practice  in the following activities:

  • Nursing administration and management of nursing services
  • Coordination and supervision of medical nursing services, surgical nursing services, specialized nursing services and nursing school.
  • Recruitment and deployment and preceptorship of new nurses
  • Build nursing staff capacity and skill development
  • Coordinate and collaborate healthcare services
  • Advocate for timely clinical interventions and safe care
  • Assets management within units/wards/clinics /theaters..
  • Develop and control the nursing budget
  • Participate in hospital budget projections and cost management
  • Facilitate and coordinate nursing research and innovation
  • Train nursing students and other allied professionals in the clinical areas
  • Determine and maintain high standards nursing practice
  • Maintain discipline, professionalism and nursing ethics
  • Guide top management on nursing matters
  • Participate in National policy development and other activities
  • Offer counseling services to patients and family
  • Endo-tracheal and oral pharyngeal suction services
  • Artificial feeding services
  • Skilled wound management
  • Activities of daily living for the incapacitated patients
  • Monitor patients response to treatment and disease
  • Prevent/ identify clinical complications & intervene accordingly
  • Identify & report medical errors for follow up and action
  • Administer therapeutic medicine
  • Provide pre, Intra and post operative care to all surgical patients.
  • Recruit and train post graduate student nurses on specialized courses i.e
    • Emergency nursing
    • Critical care nursing
    • Nephrology nursing
    • Neonatal nursing services
    • Peri-operative nursing


  • NNAK events
    • International nurses week
    • Community service responsibility (visit destitute homes)
  • Participate in hospital free medical camps and outreach services.
  • Participate in nursing conferences e.g. NNAK, Individual nursing chapters (8)
  • Nursing symposium annually.


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Nursing division is divided into 3 arms for effective management. Each arm is further divided into departments for ease in supervision and nursing service coordination.

Out of the 17 hospital departments, nursing is structured into 10 departments by combining some, which are small. Chaplaincy is also structured under nursing leadership.

Surgical nursing division has 6 departments and 30 units while medical nursing division has 4 departments and 35 units. Nursing establishment is upto 1800 in number.