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Male Contraceptives



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Our Mission is to develop safe and effective contraception for men.
Study Goal:

Kết quả xổ số tháp đồngTo develop new forms of birth control for men that are:

  •  Safe
  •  Reversible
  •  May be self-delivered
  • Affordable
  • Have health benefits for men

The primary objective of our study is to determine contraceptive efficacy for a couple provided by daily application by the male partner of a gel containing Testosterone and Nestorone

Study Gel

Kết quả xổ số tháp đồng A combination Gel with Nestorone and Testosterone

  • 5ml of the gel is applied on the upper arms and shoulders daily
  • Avoid close skin contact with another person (showering or wear protective clothing) for at least 4 hours to prevent transfer

Study site in Kenya is at the Couple Counseling Clinic, Kenyatta National Hospital

There are 9 study sites in Kenya, USA, UK, Chile, Sweden, Italy and Chile

General requirements for entering the study:

  • Be heterosexual couple: Male, 18-50 years and female, age 18-34 years.
  • Sexually active, in a stable, monogamous relationship for at least 1 year and plan to be in the relationship for duration of the study duration.
  • Willingness to accept a low but unknown risk of conceiving a pregnancy for the duration of the study.
  • Live in Nairobi and its environs

Requirements for the male partner:

  • Be in good health and of normal height and weight. No current disease ( eg diabetes, HIV, hepatitis).
  • Able to fast for at least 8 hours during the study prior to blood draws and abstain from sex for 2-7 days prior to scheduled clinic visit.
  • No history of depression or other serious mental health disorder, including use of an antidepressant.
  • No current or previous excessive alcohol use, illicit drug, including marijuana, or anabolic steroid abuse.
  • Able to provide semen sample during clinic visits

Requirements for the female partner:

  • Have regular menstrual cycles of 21-35 days in duration, when not using hormonal contraception.
  • Intend to remain in a monogamous relationship with male study partner during study.
  • Not breastfeeding or pregnant.


Click here to download the Clinical Evaluation of Daily Application of Nestorone®(NES) and Testosterone (T) Combination Gel for Male Contraception Study

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