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Conference Presentations

4th UON KNH International Scientific Conference: Transforming Health Care through Research and Innovation (14th – 16th June, 2017)

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  1. Dr Watau Ndung’u, Dr F.X Odawa, and Dr J. Ong’ech: The pattern of severe maternal and neonatal outcomes at Kenyatta National Hospital, before and after the introduction of free maternity services
  2. Meshack Juma: Antimicrobial Susceptability Testing of Neisseria Gonorrhoeae Isolates from Patients with Genital Discharge in Nairobi Kenya
  3. Dr. Philbert Murie, Dr. Peter Njoroge and Dr. Richard Ayah: An audit of patient outcomes across critical care units in a national teaching and referral hospital: A case study of Kenyatta National Hospital
  4. Claire Luseno Otunga, Dr. Scholastica Mathenge and Dr.Francisca Ongecha: Assessment of Utilization of Postpartum Care Services among Women in Webuye West Bungoma County, Kenya
  5. Mrs. Musee Christine M., Judith M. Mweu, and Dr. Lydia Okutoyi: Impact of Free Maternity Services on Patients and Health Care Practitioners at Kenyatta National Hospital
  6. Dr. Njeri Lisper W., Dr. Ogallo William O., Dr. Opanga Sylvia A., Dr. Nyamu David G., and Dr. Birichi Alfred R.: Medication Related Problems among Adult Patients with Chronic Kidney Disease in a Tertiary Teaching and Referral Hospital

Lecture Theatre 3: Day 1

  1. Ms. CheptumJ. Jebet, Prof. Omoni Grace and Dr. MirieWaithira: The Practice of Birth Preparedness: Where are We? A Study among Women of Childbearing Age in Migori County
  2. Hannah Girdler: A Social Network Analysis of Global Retinoblastoma Care
  3. Collins Wamunye Mbaiyani: Evaluation of Utilization of the Multidisciplinary Skills Laboratory by UoN, Bachelor of Science in Nursing Students
  4. Munywoki, Joshua M.: Enhancing Health, Science Education and Research in Nairobi, Kenya
  5. Nancy Wanjiru Thuku: Determination of Platelet Counts in Platelet Concentrates and Effectiveness of Platelets after Transfusion at Kenyatta National Hospital
  6. Okube O. Tekeste: Prevalence and Factors Associated with Anaemia among Pregnant Women Attending Antenatal Clinic at PumwaniMaternity Hospital, Nairobi
  7. Mark Mudenyo and Ms. Mercy Mugo: KNH Cancer Registry 2014 -2016 Report
  8. Njoroge Anne, Mercy Mugo, Mark Mudenyo, Muchiri Lucy, Kigondu Christine, Rajab Jamila, Mwiti Eunice, and Kinuthia John: Better Survival Outcomes among HIV-Infected Women with Cervical Cancer
  9. Jerusha Nyabiage, Lewis Magu, Charity King’ori, Obwori, Jared Mecha, and Anne Njoroge: Re-emerging Epidemic? Poor Outcomes among the HIV/TB Co-infected
  10. Barclay Obiero: Quality Improvement for Cancer Pathology - Dose Sampling Retinoblastoma Tumor for Genetic Testing Lead to Histology Artefacts?
  11. Smriti Sasikumar, Siwon Lee, Amal Gedleh, Jessica A. Hill, Seemi Qaiser, Yvonne Umukunda, Philip Odiyo, Grace Kitonyi, and Helen Dimaras: In their own words: A qualitative study of Kenyan breast cancer survivors’ knowledge, experiences and attitudes on breast cancer genetics
  12. Rachel Jones MPH, Suha Patel MD and Faith Muigai RN, CNRN, MSN: Innovation to Improve Maternal Health Service Deliverys

Lecture Theatre 3: Day 2

  1. Isaac Mungai, Diana Too, Hesbon Ooko, and Veronica Muthee: The Role of Electronic Medical Record Systems (EMR) in HIV Care Delivery in Nyandarua County
  2. Eve R. Rajula: Cost-effectiveness of use of mobile phones to improve paediatric patient follow-up post hospitalization in rural settings in Kenya
  3. James Chacha, Keziah Muiruri, Hesbon Ooko, and Veronica Muthee: Continuous Quality Improvement Report Improving Quality of Care: A Case of HamisiSub County Hospital, VihigaCounty
  4. Mugendi A. G., Mwaniki L. M., Kubo M. N., Wahome S. K., and Nyamu D. G.: Art Regimen Modification and Associated Factors in HIV Infected Adult Patients at a Kenyan Referral Hospital
  5. A. Shamsudin, S. Yonge, Shadrack Muthoka: The Burden of Non-Communicable Diseases in the HIV-Infected Population: A Cross-Sectional Survey of Selected High Volume HIV Clinics in Mombasa County
  6. Dr. Gordon Peter Yossa: Adolescent HIV/AIDS Disease - The New Epidemic with Case Report
  7. A. Shamsudin,S. Karanja and Shadrack Muthoka: The Burden of Asymptomatic Bacteriuria in HIV Infected Pregnant Women in Selected Primary Health Facilities in Mombasa County
  8. Lilian Okoth Msc., Wakasiaka Sabina, Kirui Angeline, and Kagema Joan: Response to initial therapy among patients with acute asthma exacerbation at KNH
  9. Njiri F. J., Kiecha C. K., Tallam K. K., Odindo S. O., Ayieko W. N., Mang’ang’a S. R., Downer, A., and M’Imunya J. M.: Strengthening the Capacity of Local Institutions and HRH for improved HIV outcomes using an academic model
  10. Kenneth Ngure, Catherine Kiptinness, Justice Quame-Amaglo, Lawrence Mwaniki, Jennifer Velloza, Nicholas Thuo, Lynda Oluoch, Nelly Mugo, and Renee Heffron: Safer conception intervention to reduce HIV risk for Kenyan HIV serodiscordantcouples with immediate fertility needs (preliminary findings)
  11. Lydiah Bwana: School Enrolment and Association with sexual risk behaviour Among Adolescents and Young People in Homa Bay and Kisumu Counties
  12. Gregory Moyiah, Pauline Ndungu, Keziah Muiruri, Hesbon Ooko, and Veronica Muthee: Quality Improvement Team Initiatives Improves ART Outcomes: The Case of Lusheya Health Centre, Kakamega County
  13. Dr. Wangari Maina: Ionizing Radiation Biohazard - What the Clinician Needs to Know
  14. Agnes Chika Msc. HSM: Factors Influencing Scaling Up Quality of Referral Processes in Kenya: A Study of Kenyatta National Hospital
  15. Prof. Grace Thoithi: Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity - An emerging global health challenge
  16. Josphat Kamau, Diana Too, Hesbon Ooko, and Joshua Oiro: Improved Patient Monitoring Using Electronic Medical Record System at Ndaragwa Health Centre, Nyandarua County

Lecture Theatre 3: Day 3

  1. Chris Muraguri, Prof. S. W. Guthua, Dr. Odhiambo and Dr. E. Rono: 3D Printing in Craniomaxillofacial Reconstructive Surgeries
  2. Dr. Rono K., Dr. C. K. Musau, Prof. N. Mwang’ombe, Dr. G. Mwangi: Early DecompressiveCraniectomyfor Severe Traumatic Brain Injury with Raised ICP: A Case Series at Kenyatta National Hospital
  3. Samuel Kago, Diana Too, Hesbon Ooko, and Joshua Oiro: Effectiveness of KenyaEMR in Facility ART Cohort Reporting - A Case of 8 EMR facilities in Nyandarua County
  4. Adrina Zhong: Ethical, Social and Cultural Issues Related to Clinical Genetic Testing and Counselling in Low- and Middle-Income Countries - A Systematic Review
  5. Dr. Dorothy Aywak: Insulin Prescription Errors and Contributing Factors at Kenyatta National Hospital
  6. Dr. S. Wahome: Insurance and Indemnity Coverage for Clinical Trials of Medicines in Kenya
  7. Njoroge G. Kimani, PhD Med. Bios (KU), BEP (SU), Prof. ENM Njagi, Prof. Nickolas K. Gikonyo, and Dr. Piero M. Ngugi: Invivo Antihyperglycemic Activity and Safety of Triticum Aestivum (Wheatgrass)
  8. B. K. Amugune and G. C. Verster: Knowledge and Attitude of Post Graduate Students at College of Health Sciences, University of Nairobi, on Ethics in Mental Health Research
  9. Kitunguu Kithikii Peter, Kiboi Julius Githinji and Nabaweesi-Batuka Jenifer: Pattern of Cerebral Aneurysms in a Kenyan Population
  10. Hannah K. Inyama, Prof. Grace Omoni and Prof. Matthew Gallek: Post Resuscitation Care - Level of Awareness on Targeted Temperature Management (TTM) among Healthcare Providers – KNH
  11. NHIF Management: Role of NHIF in Financing Healthcare
  12. Anne Korir: The Kenya Stroke Pilot Study - Key Findings and Lessons Learned
  13. Prof. Zahida Qureshi and Dr. Alfred Osoti: World Maternal Antifibrinolytic Trial

Paeds Training Centre: Day 1

  1. A Kenyan Paediatric Clinical Information Network
  2. Dr. Sam Akech: Dehydration Management-Effect on Outcomes
  3. Susan Gachau: Effects of a emerging clinical network that includes audit and feedback on multiple indicators of the process of paediatric hospital care in Kenya – a longitudinal observational study
  4. Naomi Muinga: Electronic medical records – are we realising the opportunity
  5. Clinical Information Network: Impact of delivering an enhanced feedback intervention on adoption of pneumonia policy
  6. Prof Grace W. Irimu, PhD, MMed(Paed) On behalf of Clinical Information Network (CIN): Prevalence, outcome and process of care for severe acute malnutrition among children aged 1-59months admitted in 13 County Hospitals in Kenya
  7. Ambrose Agweyu: Risk factors that suggest need for admission in childhood pneumonia
  8. Jalemba Aluvaala: Risk of Mortality in Sick Neonates –New Prognostic Strategies

Paeds Training Centre: Day 2

  1. Ahmed Komen M.D. , M.Med(Wits), F.C. Rad Onc(SA): Radiobiology
  2. Dr. C. Nyongesa-Watta, Mmed (Wits), FC Rad. Onc. (SA): Access to Affordable Radiotherapy and Cancer Care - Challenges
  3. Irene Weru: Access to Cancer Chemotherapy - Perspectives from National Referral Hospital
  4. Gladys N.Mukosi: Patient Navigation Program - Kenyatta National Hospital
  5. Ngigi-RSO: Radiation Safety at KNH

Paeds Training Centre: Day 3

  1. Dr. Onkoba Valentine and David Githinji Acceptability of Chlorhexidine for Cord Care and Experiences from Health Care Providers and the Community
  2. Akun Teresa, Kiplai Milsane and Okoiti Pascalia: Introducing and Scaling Up Kangaroo Mother Care in BungomaCounty, Western Kenya
  3. Faith Kerre and George Wanzala: Acceptability and use of an electronic partograph to improve maternal and newborn health outcomes in Bungoma County, Western, Kenya
  4. Josephine Friday and Rita Mukosa: Beyond EmONC Training; Implementing Clinical Mentorship to Improve Skills Retention amongst Health Care Workers in Western Kenya, a Case of Bungoma County

Surgery Board Room: Day 2 Afternoon

  1. John Otieno Otieno: Nutrition Demonstration Centers Changing Lives in Western Kenya
  2. Catherine Shitemi: Determinants of Malnutrition among Children Aged 6 to 24 Months: A Hospital Based Qualitative
  3. Abraham Wanyonyi and Monica Birech: Use of participatory learning and actions cycles to improve the utilization of maternal and newborn health information and services in low-resource settings - A case of Bungoma County-Kenya
  4. Nuwagaba Polly: Using the Integrated Voice and SMS/ Social Media to Enhance Access to SRH/HIV Services and Information among Young People in Uganda
  5. Waithira Mirie: Consult Capacity Building: Integration of International Board Certified Lactation ant (IBCLC) in Health Care Systems in Sub Saharan Africa

Surgery Board Room: Day 3

  1. Effectiveness of the Baby Friendly Community Initiative on Exclusive Breastfeeding in Rural Kenya
  2. Perceptions and Acceptability of Donating, Donated and Banking of Human Breastmilk, in an Urban Community, Kenya
  3. Dr. Lydia Okutoyi: Patient Safety and Opportunities in KNH
  4. Namuddu Prossy: Increased uptake of psychological and psychosocial support of young people aged 10-24 years

Surgery Board Room: Day 1 Morning

  1. Prof. Gunturu Revathi: Antimicrobial Stewardship Program
  2. Dr. Rosaline Kinuthia: Antimicrobial Stewardship in Pharmacy Practice
  3. Obiero OKoth: Role of Laboratory in Antimicrobial Stewardship Programs
  4. Masika M. M. and Obiero Okoth: Antimicrobial Resistance Patterns
  5. Dr. Nyakiba J. and Dr. Wesangula E.: The National Policy on Prevention and Control of AMR and It’s National Action Plan
  6. Beatrice Museve: The Role of the Laboratory in Antimicrobial Stewardship
  7. George Ngondi Michuki, PhD: Bioinformatics in Antimicrobial Stewardship
  8. Infection Prevention and Control in Kenyatta National Hospital

Surgery Presentations: Day 3 Morning

  1. Dr. T. M. Warui, Dr. F. M. Butt, Dr. M. K. Akama and Prof. M. L. Chindia: Variations and Bony Landmarks of the Maxillary Artery in a Kenyan Population: A Cadaveric Study
  2. Irene Onyango, Dr.George O. Osanjo, Dr.Isabella Oyier,Dr.Julius Oyugi, and Prof. James Ochanda (Deceased): Evaluation of Malaria Rapid Diagnostic Tests in a Malaraia Endemic Region in Coastal kenya
  3. Josephine Kimani: Development of Dromedary Antibody-based Immunoassay for Detection of Chikungunya Virus Infections
  4. Rebecca O. Manani, Kennedy O. Abuga, and Hezekiah K. Chepkwony: Pharmaceutical Equivalence of Clarithromycin Oral Dosage Forms Marketed in Nairobi County, Kenya
  5. Alex O. Okaru, Kennedy O. Abuga, Isaac O. Kibwage and Dirk W. Lachenmeier: Aflatoxin contaminated artisanal beers from Kenya-a health risk beyond ethanol
  6. Harkamaldeep Singh Virdi, Dr.Olivia Osiro, and Prof. Francis Macigo: A Comparison of the Composition, Setting Time and Solubility of Mineral Trioxide Aggregate and Kenyan Portland Cement
  7. Kitunguu Kithikii Peter, Kiboi Julius Githinji, Mwang’ombe N. J. M.: Ventriculo-Peritoneal Shunt Survival at the Kenyatta National Hospital: A Risk Factors Assessment
  8. G. M. Ndung’u, W. A. Odhiambo, S. W. Guthua, and J. F. Onyango: Pattern of Paediatric Cranio-Maxillofacial Trauma at Kenyatta National Hospital