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About Us

Our Motto: We Listen, We Care

Vision: A world class patient-centred specialized care hospital

Mission: To optimize patient experience through innovative, evidence based specialized healthcare; facilitate training and research; and participate in national health policy formulation

Strategic Destination
A multi-specialty centre of excellence offering services that meet international certification standards

Strategic Objectives

  • Optimize customer experience

  • Enhance service delivery

  • Promote and expand services

  • Improve financial performance

  • Improve resource mobilization

  • Improve partnering

  • Enhance risk management

  • Enhance clinical governance

  • Enhance research and innovation

  • Improve performance culture

  • Improve automation

  • Enhance human resource capacity

  • Improve infrastructure and equipment

Core Values

  • Customer focus

  • Accountability

  • Equity and Equality

  • Professionalism and Integrity

  • Security and Safety

  • Teamwork and Team Spirit


"The management and staff of Kenyatta National Hospital are committed to optimize patient experience through innovative evidence-based specialized healthcare; facilitate training and research, and participate in national health policy formulation.

The implementation of this Quality Policy and Objectives shall be periodically reviewed to address health care dynamics including associated risks, and to continually conform to the requirements of ISO 9001:2015 standard."